+ What type of startups should apply to the programme?

  • Startup teams with at least two co-founders with complementary skills, that are in pre-seed stage and have not achieved product/market fit.
  • Startup teams that are committed to building a high-growth technology enabled company.
  • Startup teams that are looking to get into an accelerator or raise seed funding.

+ What are the application requirements?

  • Teams should have at least two co-founders with complementary skills (ideally technical and business)
  • Startups must be working on a technology-enabled idea
  • Some proof of an MVP is needed as teams should be at more than just the idea stage

+ Can I apply and get accepted as a solo founder?

You can apply as a solo founder and we do accept solo founders from time to time. However, that’s usually an exception and your odds of getting accepted are much higher if you have a team of co-founders with complementary skills.

+ Does everybody from my team need to join the programme?

We encourage at least two co-founders of your team to be full-time to get the most value out of the programme. However, if that is not possible, it is acceptable for only one founder to attend the programme.

Our mentors get excited to work with teams who upon the completion of a session, are able to immediately take what they’ve learned and execute on it. The programme can be more valuable if at least two co-founders are present as additional time is not lost when relaying information to other co-founders.

+ Does The Start take equity in the startups?

No, we do not take any equity in startups.

+ Does The Start provide a workspace to the startups?

Yes, you will have a dedicated space to work out of during the duration of this program.

+ Does it cost money to participate in this programme?

No, The Start is free of charge for all startups that get accepted.

+ How can The Start help me get into an accelerator or raise funding?

Many of our mentors and network are people who run accelerators, are involved in corporate innovation programmes, or are partners at VC firms. This is an amazing opportunity to network and build a relationship with them during the programme. Often times these relationships eventually evolve into a bigger opportunity.

The Start is also partnering with a network of accelerators and investors interested in potential startups that graduate from the programme and we will provide introductions or referrals to these partners. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to pitch to accelerators and seed investors at Demo Day!

+ What is the structure of The Start programme?

The Start is a hands-on, mentorship program that consists of weekly masterclasses, check-ins and mentors sessions for 12 weeks. You can see a more detailed program structure here.

+ How does mentorship work?

We set up an experience for you as a founder that enables you to work with mentors in both group settings and one on one so you can dig deep on the product or strategic challenges your startup is facing.

+ Will my team get any perks?

All startups accepted into The Start will get:

  • Free coworking space (worth up to $6,000)
  • Up to $15,000 for MVP Development
  • Marketing, customer validation and related costs (up to $2,000)
  • Mentor sessions (worth up to $2,000)
  • Credits and benefits from our partners (
  • Total Costs: $25,000

+ What does the $15,000 for MVP Development mean?

It means that startups will be provided up to $15,000 to develop their MVP, subjected to the nature of their startup and progress at time of application. Usage and allocation of the funds will be discussed and mutually decided upon together with The Start team. MVP development refers to your app, website or hardware development, and includes manpower and other related resources required to build the product and test it with end-users.

+ When will the selected teams be announced?

The announcement of the shortlisted startups accepted into The Start will be made in early Dec 2018.