About Us

The Start is an early-stage pre-accelerator programme that focuses on helping founders who are just on the brink before taking that leap into entrepreneurship but do not have the access to capital, talent, experience and networks to bring them to the next stage. After running hackathons for many years, the founders realised that too often, after a hackathon, there exists that group of founders who needs a little boost in terms of formulating their business model, validating their solution with the right target audience and even building their MVPs. Naturally, the founders who are resourceful will be successful regardless of the obstacles. It is the group of struggling founders who either lack the access or the knowledge that holds them back, hinders their progression and prevents them from being good startups. That is where The Start can help them, and that idea birthed with the help of a strong startup ecosystem, quality mentors and a robust network developed over years.

About StartupX

StartupX is a company built on the foundation that innovation can be nurtured in any environment. We foster a deep innovation and startup culture in corporates, founders and the community.

A company’s innovation, growth and impact are fundamentally centered around its people. StartupX, at its core, is about enabling, empowering and supporting people to be the best versions of themselves.

We believe in the adaptability, agility and dynamism of startups. Be it a hackathon, internal innovation program or a tech event, we want to bring the best parts of startups into our community to drive innovation that is impactful.


Our Team

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Durwin Ho

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Raymond Doraisamy

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Shih Han Wong